Define your Desires
Manifest Your Dreams

How can we keep our excitement up while we wait..?

How do we integrate the law of attraction into our lives?
How do we allow our desires to manifest?

More understanding of the Law of Attraction is not the answer –
We need to feel as though we already have what we’re asking for !

An intention was sparked;
I wanted to craft a process that I could use practically to manifest my desires as simply and effectively as possible.

Ideas formed. Aha moments occurred. Principles and ideas started to cohesively fit together. And it grew, it evolved, it transformed into a guided ongoing process to…

An Ongoing Guided Process to…

To uncover deep desires and get clear on what you really want

To find a way to ease any discomfort and eventually transform it into a feeling of hope, and then positive expectation

To find a way to be a vibrational match to your desire so you can receive it

Inspiration – Delivered!

Intrigued? I’d love to share my inspiration for creating the soulspark journal with you by sending you the first chapter