spark circle

My vision for Soul Spark has always been more than just the Journal.
A beautiful way to enhance this process is to share the journey alongside others.

Why Create a Spark Circle?

✧ To seek the support of a sisterhood

✧ To diminish a feeling of isolation and to bring a sense of community for yourself and others

✧ To enhance the experience my making meaningful connections

✧ To dive deeper into the SoulSpark manifesting process

✧ To share the journey with a group of supportive friends to listen, to validate your feelings and cheer you on!

Learn about creating your own
& share the journey with a sisterhood

Email your closest friends

proposing the Spark Circle idea

POST on FB or Insta

 that you’re looking for some friends to go through the SoulSpark process with

Join Our Exclusive SisterHood

Join the online Slack platform exclusively created for our SoulSpark community and express your interest in forming your own Spark Circle